Ski Area -

Ski Area

The Brembo Extreme snowboard and ski school is operating in the ski resorts of Foppolo, Carona and San Simone, a ski area in Val Brembana that has been developing year by year thanks to the continuous enhancement of ski slopes cared for by the team of professionals who has arranged some of the best-known Italian ski resorts, always respecting the environment and looking for innovation for those people who love snow sports.

Above you can see the map indicating the location of the ski resorts in Val Brembana; on the left you can see the ski resort of San Simone which is connected with the other ski resorts through free ski-bus for the owners of the skipass; in the middle you can see the ski resorts of Foppolo and Carona, directly connected each other.

For more detailed information and update about the conditions of ski slopes please contact BremboSki group at the phone number +39 0345.74315 or by e-mail at or simply visit the website


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